Frequently asked questions

  & Conditions

NOTICE ! You must have a real expertise driing scooter. If not rental will be denied even if already payed. No refund.


Credit Card (Visa o Mastercard) for depoist is required.


What are the requirements for driving?

European (or international enabled for Eu / Italy) driving license valid for driving a car “B” ( or for  M-Bike “A”) Notice that in Italy with a B (car) licence you are allowed to drive a 125 cc with less than 15 HP (Polizia Stradale, doc. “Codice della strada” art. A2.3.3)


Which Vespa for rent?

The Vespa is a Brand New Vespa, model 125 Primavera! We have some 50 cc too.


Girlfriend / Boyfriend or Vespa?

Try the Vespa Primavera along our little streets and after a day decide ☺  However the Vespa has two seats so… you can also freely choose to have both!


Maps, helmets etc ... What it is supplied with the Vespa?

Map & itinerary road-book first of all, but also helmets and windproof jacket.


Insurance? Which one? Is it possible to purchase a Kasco insurance?

Insurance: included insurance of liability for damages against third parties, as required by law. It’s available with a small fee, to activate a mini Kasko /Theft insurance, that limits liability to a deductible.


Gasoline, what to do?

Only Gasoline. Be careful when you get to the full, gasoline tends to get out of the mouth of the tank.


Road assistance?

Rent Dolomites remains available to retrieve the out of order Vespa and replaced with another, if available. If WE are not available or busy and unable to run to you, you can call toll-Service 800 700 616 ; it’s always operating. They will lead you to more close Vespa Center.


Which means of payment are accepted?

Credit card (Visa Mastercard) Cash, Bank Transfer.