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Day Ride

The Monster & The Lake

Vajont Dam, the 1963 disaster, Erto & Casso villages, magic Barcis Lake.

Riding by a series of beautiful lakes you reach the tragically famous and impressive Vajont Dam, where a mountain collapsed into the reservoir, causing over 1,000 victims. Everything has remained frozen in far-off 1963.  You can visit the ghost villages of Erto and Casso and then go up to the magical turquoise Barcis Lake... a truly fascinating ride. Return via the Monte Cavallo Pass.

Baia delle Sirene

Along Santa Croce Lake found awesome unique Bays; the Sirena Bay, Bay Watch for surfers, Camping Sarathei for Kite Surfer. The color of the water changes constantly from green to turquiose.

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Vajont DAM and the 1963 disaster

The Vajont disaster was the event that occurred on the evening of October 9, 1963 in the neo-artificial hydroelectric basin of Vajont, due to the fall of a huge landslide from the overlying slope of Mount Toc in the waters of the underlying and eponymous alpine lake basin.

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    The resulting overflow of the water contained in the reservoir, with run-off effect of the lakeshore, and the passing of the dam, caused flooding and destruction of the villages of the Veneto valley, including Longarone, and the death of about 1917 people.

Erto & Casso

To explore! Two villages remained frozen in far-off  1963  by a terrible tragedy. Already ancient at the time of the disaster, preserve the mystery and the suffering of people who have lived a hard story. You can yet understand the hurry  t weis villages were abandoned. Written signs of pain on the walls and sensations blocked in 1963.


It s a glass like lake very deep and situated at 402 meters above sea level; on its northern shore lies the town of Barcis. It was created in 1954 to exploitation of hydroelectricity; it is well known not only for its water colored of a unique particular color between green and light blue but for legends and appearances of fairy lights.

Sorgenti del Gorgazzo

Gorgazzo sources is fed by waters that sink into the crevices of the plateau Cansiglio or Monte Cavallo, they reappear on the surface.The Gorgazzo Spring is a completely submerged cave.  In the mirror of water of the pool, we can admire practically all shades of Blue: by celeste clearer, darker at overseas all topped off with an emerald green that subdues the look.