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Visiting the Prosecco Superiore hills with a Vespa is definitely an experience to do at least once in a lifetime.

After 10 years of experience we can proudly present the top 10 reasons that leave no doubts to take this one-day mini-vacation as soon as possible. These are 10 considerations which, in large part, are also the contribution of our many customers who have seized this opportunity in recent years and who, so satisfied, have brought friends and relatives to share an unforgettable day again.

1. Carefree

Away from the traffic, queues and crowded parking lots, traveling peacefully with a Vespa is not only fun but completely carefree where the sensation of truly exploring on a Vespa with „wings under your feet“.

2. Funny

The most famous scooter in the world is not only an icon of design and lifestyle but the quality of the „Vespa“ product is so high that the driving experience leaves you speechless. At the end of the day, almost everyone wishes to buy a Vespa… well, we don’t sell them but we are complicit in promoting this uncontrollable desire.

3. Perfumes

The olfactory experience is crucial and leaves you breathless. By now the sense of smell is often a forgotten sense but at the end of the day what remains indelible is the scent of the vineyard, of the freshly cut grass, the peculiar note of the change of season, the smells of the flowers, of the river that we cross a small bridge, the aromas of the must, of the farmhouses intent on preparing seasonal dishes and the scents that permeate every production activity from the cellar to the cultivated countryside. All sensations completely lost for those traveling closed in the cockpit of a car.

4. Ecological

Strange but true. An original Euro 5 Vespa has almost zero emissions and the consumption of 40 km per liter make this icon in tune with ecological principles making it more than the landscapes you will travel!

5. Effective

Given the ease of driving, the possibility to park anywhere to be able to explore the narrowest streets without any worries it is possible to visit, if not all of the Unesco scenery, a large part of it in just one day.

6. Your photos

For those who love unforgettable and truly unique photos, an original flaming Vespa Primavera or Vespa Sprint in an emerald green setting like that of the Prosecco Hills is a shot that has no equal, especially if you’re in good company.

7. A blast from the past

Even if you are not nostalgic, you will understand what it was like to go out of town in the carefree 60s. Being able to easily enjoy a trip to the countryside, leaving your smartphone to rest for a few hours; you regenerate completely. It soon becomes clear that it is the simple and genuine things that fill the soul at the end of the day.

8. And a return to youth

Of course there are those who are young and those who are „young at heart“ but a tour on a vespa, a trip with a rental scooter brings you to those captivating sensations in a playful moment that you are no longer used to. A true return to the past where you live the moment for what it is, in a simple, sporty, innocent way; in short, a dip in the pool of eternal youth!

9. New and original

Everyone does everything nowadays but few know how to find truly original experiences. This is an absolute novelty which, with an unexpected day, allows you to understand the stark difference between the „discounted“ and the „exclusive“ way of life.

10. Cheap

It doesn’t hurt that it’s cheap too. With €69, all inclusive (apart from 3 euros for petrol, see point 4) you can also travel for two (the Vespa Primavera is for 2 people and the cost is per Vespa) So much less than an e-bike. Even finding an excellent winery for tasting or the best agritourism and our partner, with the best treatment, is easier on a Vespa than those who travel by car and are forced to settle for a standard place (strictly with car parking) and strictly to be booked in advance.