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The Pre-Alps between the Dolomites and Venice.

We have chosen Vittorio Veneto!
We explain why.

This is a strategic starting point for every excursion, whether on foot or by bike, but if we want to visit all the beauties that characterize the area of ​​the “via delle Prealpi”, leaving on a Vespa from Vittorio Veneto offers the possibility of choosing the most beautiful routes. Here we want to illustrate the most unusual tours that go beyond the classic tour of the Prosecco Superiore Hills.

1) Alpago: from Dolada Tambre and Sant’Anna to the Caglieron caves

This is a tour for specialists, for lovers of forgotten and authentic places. Alpago is a land made up of a thousand mountain villages inhabited by a few souls, which have remained intact over time such as Lamosano Funes or Irrighe. Leaving the lake of Santa Croce behind us, we go up to Val Cantuna; a fascinating winding road without traffic that leads us to Pieve d’Alpago. From there we proceed to Lamosano and then climb via Schiucaz up to Funes and Irrighe. From the famous and excellent Malga Cate farmhouse, the view over the Venetian plain is breathtaking. We then continue to Tambre and Sant’Anna. We then arrive at the Cansiglio natural park which allows for various gastronomic stops and short stops and walks on priests and pristine forests. You then reach the natural park of the Caglieron Caves.

2) Monte Grappa, the military shrine and Monte Tomba

The Vespa trip on Mount Grappa offers strong and unexpected emotions. The road climbs starting from Semonzo and goes up an increasingly fascinating and panoramic road that narrows as you go up, until you reach 1775 meters above sea level. The Military Shrine appears in all its grandeur and the view that crowns this peak creates strong emotions even in imagining the drama that took place on that peak in one of the bloodiest battles of the First World War.

From there you proceed between pastures, meadows and pastures up to the adjacent Monte Tomba at 888 meters above sea level where the trenches and the museum are located. The whole route is characterized by impressive views, places rich in history forgotten over time and panoramas towards infinity.

3) Vajont and Lake Barcis

If you like mysterious, fascinating and ghostly places, the Vajont, sadly known for the tragic landslide and disaster of 1963, impresses even the hardest of visitors. Exploring the crowning point of the dam or strolling through the streets of the ghost town of Erto and Casso give strong emotions. It makes you want to continue the journey towards the peculiar Valcellina going down along the Cellina river until you reach the lake of Barcis, a truly magical place. It is a very long and winding route suitable for real motorcyclists.

4) Mount Cesen and Pianezze da Combai.

Together with the tour on Monte Grappa and on Alpago it is one of the most beautiful to visit the Prealpine arc. We always travel above 1000 meters in pristine landscapes. The excursion to Malga Mariech alone is worth the whole day for the view it offers and the typical dairy products that are offered there. Excellent stops also at the famous Posa Puner refuge at 1334 meters above sea level. The descent along the tortuous Madean road between 100 tight hairpin bends requires an expert guide, leading to the small village of Combai famous for the Chestnut Festival which takes place between the end of October and the first half of November.

5) The tour of Montello: the ridge.

The Montello hill is a true labyrinth of streets. At the top is the famous Dorsale del Montello, panoramic and evocative. At the foot of Montello is the panoramic road that overlooks the Piave along the entire route. More than 40 narrow streets called “prese” that rise from the base of the hill to the ridge. Hill famous for the events of the last victorious battle in the Great War offers the opportunity to visit the Nervesa Shrine. The Jonathan Collection near Nervesa della Battaglia and on the bed of the Piave is truly fascinating, an authentic airport and open-air museum of World War I aircraft. The Osteria “ai Pioppi” is also an unmissable stop; a true amusement park unique in the world with incredible rides and machines built by Bruno Ferrin, as well as an excellent internal refreshment point.

6) Conegliano Collalbrigo and Collalto.

It is the southern area of ​​the Prosecco hills, it involves a good part of the Prosecco road and extends between the fascinating area of ​​Collalbrigo north of Conegliano, where you can stop at the spectacular Osteria di Collalbrigo and then between narrow streets and panoramas reach the castle of San Salvatore and Borgoluce, an excellence of the territory, an estate and farm, in the heart of the Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore D.O.C.G.

7) Asolo Possagno and the Canova temple.

No introduction is needed for this tour. Asolo, one of the most fascinating towns in the Veneto region, an ancient refuge for Venetian nobles, is worth a visit on its own. On the way you can also reach the famous Canova temple which contains the very famous Antonio Canova Gypsotheca.

8) The Dolomites: Misurina the Tre Cime di Lavaredo the Dolomite passes and the legendary “Sella Ronda”.

If you want adventure and 2 days off, we suggest a tour with an overnight stay, perhaps installing an additional top box on our vespas (by reservation). You will thus be able to travel all the most important Dolomite passes experiencing the mountain with completely unimaginable sensations and views. Just think of the scents that can be savored climbing up to the 2300 meters of the Giau pass, on board a Vespa. Some of our customers have also treated themselves to a trip on a Vespa on Lake Garda passing through the Dolomites; why not?! Consult us and we will tell you all the magnificent opportunities and dreams and mini-vacation plans that have become reality for many of our customers.