FAQ & Condition

The service includes:

New Vespa Primavera 125 cc (B license ok but scooter or motorcycle driving experience is required)
+ 2 new and sanitized tricolor Jet helmets
+ our very detailed tour booklet
+ k-way jackets and phone holder for gps use (if required)

Il servizio è inteso come minimo una giornata (non è contemplato il noleggio a ore) con consegna della Vespa alla mattina 9-10.45 e rientro tra le 15.30 e le 18.00 (salvo orari diversi da concordare).

What are the requirements for driving?

For a Vespa 125 cc, a valid driving license is sufficient to drive a car (B) or a motorcycle license (A1). (read: Traffic Police, doc. "Highway Code" art. A2.3.3).
EXPERIENCE: We do not offer this experience if you have never ridden a scooter a few times before: for obvious safety reasons, drivers without the necessary experience of driving on scooters, will not be allowed to rent. If you have any doubts ask us for info


We do not offer this experience if you have never ridden a scooter a few times before: for obvious safety reasons, drivers without the necessary scooter driving experience will not be allowed to rent. If in doubt, ask us for information.

Customer guidance skills.

We reserve the right, at our absolute discretion, not to provide the Vespa to any user who is unable to drive the vehicle in total safety.
We have decades of experience to immediately understand the customer's driving skills.
Nothing will be refunded if the problem of lack of experience and safety arises upon departure.

Online booking - policy and recommendations.

If you book online with "Book your Vespa" (If you do not find availability please contact us with the form, by mail or cell, we will find a solution 🙂

Cancellation policy.

If you book online, only a deposit will be required as a deposit.

100% happiness guaranteed!

If you are not completely satisfied with your tour, we will refund you. This guarantee applies only to direct bookings with Vespa Rent Dolomiti and if the rental service has been completed. It does NOT apply if you have booked your tour through a third party (online travel agencies, partners ...) or if our GENERAL CONDITIONS have not been respected or due to unfavorable weather.

Security deposit.

Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard) required to be included in the contract as a security deposit or, alternatively, you can proceed by depositing € 400 in cash with us which will be returned at the end of the rental if the Vespa will be in the same conditions as it was started.

Girlfriend/Boyfriend or Vespa?

Try the Vespa Primavera along our streets and after a day you decide. ☺
However, the Vespa has two seats so you can freely choose to have both!

Maps, helmets etc ... What is supplied with the Vespa?

First of all, we provide a very detailed road-book of the itinerary, helmets and, if required, a windproof jacket.
Upon request, we also train, with a surcharge, an expert motorcycle guide or tour guide who will accompany you. We also provide custom routes and maps!


including liability insurance for damages against third parties, as required by law, up to € 6,000,000. The Vespa is in any case in the custody of those who make the rental for damages that are done to the Vespa due to inability or neglect.

Petrol, what to do?

We start with a full tank and fill up again at the end. PETROL only. NO DIESEL!

Road assistance?

Rent Dolomiti remains available to recover the broken-down vehicle and replace it with another, if available. If we are not available, send a WhatsApp message to 347 2648885 and we will organize the recovery based on the technical times.

Which means of payment are accepted?

Credit card (Visa Mastercard), cash, bank transfer, PayPal debit card.


To travel with a parent as a passenger the child must have at least 5 years. We also recommend that the child is tall enough to touch the footplates with his feet (about 110 cm).

What Vespa do we rent?

The Vespa is a 125 cc Primavera model, the latest model with ABS!