One or more days trips by VESPA

Here are the ‘secret’ tours of our native territory! Ready, get on your Vespa… go! Set off to discover some great sightseeing tours.

You’ll be provided with a detailed road book

full of information about truly exclusive places off the beaten tourist track where you can have a pic-nic or find good food and wine, hidden treasures and panoramic views as you ride along mysterious, secluded lanes specially created for you to enjoy a magnificent day on your Vespa!

& Salame.

The Prosecco Superiore Hills (Conegliano Valdobbiadene).

From Conegliano to Valdobbiadene - an area of 30 km crossed by over 120 km roads running between hundreds of hills, wineries and farmhouse restaurants; not just Prosecco cultivation, but a Prosecco culture.

The castles
of Prosecco.

Among the castles in
the Prosecco Superiore hills

You will ride on the most intriguing lanes to get to the mediaeval hamlets, castles and walled cities typical of the Prosecco Conegliano Valdobbiadene Hills.

Cansiglio Forest.

Cansiglio Natural Park, through Alpago at the foot of the Dolomites to the Caglieron Caves.

A Vespa is the ideal way to breathe in the scents of the mountains and explore every lane while admiring a breath-taking 360° view at the foot of the Dolomites.

The Great War Road, the most recondite Prealpi Venete.

The San Boldo Pass, Valbelluna, Dolomite panoramas from the Pre-Alps.

A truly timeless journey through abandoned and exclusive places immersed in the history of forgotten places but with a unique charm. This is a tour for connoisseurs accustomed to adventure and something different from everyday life.

Your own
Customised Tour.

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