un road-book alla consegna della Vespa

Prendetevi il tempo per visitare la villa palladiana di Maser, patrimonio mondiale dell'UNESCO (visite guidate), il mausoleo di Canova, la Villa Cedri e il magico paese di Asolo. Questa zona è un melting pot unico di architettura e storia dell'arte, il posto migliore per "perdere la strada" e andare in giro. Queste sono solo alcune idee.

Day Ride

Ville e Palazzi

Tra le meraviglie del Palladio e del Canova.

Abbazia di Follina

Founded in the twelfth century was for many centuries the spiritual island and peace between the historical events that have bloodied the Venetian medieval lordships.

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    The basilica was built in the mid-1300s. Distinguished personalities attended these medieval walls seeking refreshment or rest between the human and the divine.

    As the Countess Sofia De Camino, buried here, the lively protagonist of disputes for the brand feud Treviso and for the possession of the important Zumelle castle. This is a land that has always been the crossing and passing. of wool processing center, since Roman times there passed the Claudia Augusta Altinate military road, in this stretch dominated by the Castle of Cison Valmarino.

km 120


Chiesa di San Vigilio Col San Martino

Passed the inn "Da Condo" (where it is very recommended a gastronomic pause) then direction Canal Nuovo. Near the capital, you turn right (Via San Vigilio) where a sign indicates the climb to the church of San Vigilio.

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    Positioned in a wonderful site, the Church of San Vigilio overlooks the Col S. Martino and the whole valley up to and beyond the Piave. A first chapel was built between the eleventh and twelfth centuries on the hill. It was a simple structure, in 'post-Carolingian' style, without apse and no bell tower, referred to as 'Eclesia San Bosman' in 1217. The church was later dedicated to San Vigilio, bishop and saint.

Villa Maser

The Villa di Maser (Villa Barbaro) is one of the greatest masterpieces of Andrea Palladio (1508-80), and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is situated in the middle of a flourishing estate whose Historic Winery produces wines of great quality.

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    Open all year round, it maintains the fascinating character of a home where the owners still live and work, and during the many events staged, its beauty and magic atmosphere can be enjoyed throughout the changing seasons. Climbing roses, wisteria, and bignonia adorn the entrance courtyard and welcome visitors to the villa.


Asolo, in the province of Treviso, can boast the orange flag that marks the most beautiful villages in Italy. Elegantly posed on the hills of Treviso, has a well-preserved city walls that culminates in the Rocca built by Ezzelino da Romano in the twelfth century.

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    The defensive system of the city is strengthened during the rule of Carrara in the '300, but with the Venetian government that Asolo reaches the maximum of his noble Venetian magnificence. Caterina Cornaro, Queen of Cyprus forced abdication in favor of the Serenissima, chooses at the end of '400 the city to establish his residence. The Castle of Asolo, the pride of the city walls, become his home, and here begins the noble woman to host artists and writers. It was the era of "Gli Asolani" Bembo and Giorgione's painting.

Osteria alla Chiesa

Definitely worth stopping to sample the delights of the typical dishes, this unique medieval inn, of ancient history and tradition. An atmosphere of another era.



The Temple Canoviano is the parish church of Possagno, consecrated to the Holy Trinity. The temple is a neoclassical building designed by Antonio Canova and designed by Pietro Bosio and Giovanni Zardo in collaboration with

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    architect Giannantonio Selva and Luigi Rossini. Construction was begun on 11 July 1819 and the Temple was inaugurated in 1830. The temple is located at the foot of the Col Draga 342 meters above sea level.

Villa dei Cedri

The Villa of the Cedars Art Liberty is originally a factory of nineteenth-century origin, held every year in August the event you ""Calici di stelle" ("Goblets under the  Stars") and for many years was home, in early September,

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    the "National Exhibition of Sparkling Wines" , the oldest and most important exhibition of the wine sector. There are also many various types of exhibitions, conferences, concerts, events that the Villa has hosted and continues to host. It's surrounded by a large park open to the public, within which there is a 'children's play area.


Castelbrando is located on the slopes of Mount Castello, dominating the villages of Valmareno and Cison. Castelbrando is rooted in 2,000 years of history and represents a stratified open page on the past of the territory and the deeds of people

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    leaders and famous people who have shown heroic deeds. Inhabited since prehistoric times, the first castrum was built starting from the Roman age as a control structure and defense of the Imperial Via Claudia Augusta, which connected the Adriatic Sea to northern Europe. Now it has become a top Luxury Hotel for congress and top quality vacation.


Former political and administrative center of the county Valmareno, Cison is guarded by Brandolini castle, now a luxury hotel - Castelbrando. But it is the historical center to attract the visitor, immediately struck by the harmonic Rome square overlooked by the palace Barbi,

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    the Venetian villa now the City Hall, and the Loggia, built in the mid-seventeenth century to house the court, and today theater. The Brandolini cellars are an example of proper recovery of historic building.