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Prosecco & Salami

Prosecco wine cellars and vineyards.

Molinetto della Croda

Molinetto della Croda, is one of the most picturesque corners of the Treviso. In its nearly four centuries of history she has inspired artists and charmed thousands of visitors.

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    Typical example of rural architecture of the seventeenth century. It is one of the few water mills still functioning. you can visit the interior and observe all the mechanisms and assist at certain times of the day to a demonstration of the operation. I hosted molt families over the centuries with responsibility for maintenance to the operation of the mill.

In the area between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene there are more than 120km of narrow winding roads and hundreds of hills and wine cellars, passing through villages and towns where you can smell the taste of the centuries-old art of wine making in these lands.  You can enjoy great views and fascinating landscapes, along with medieval ruins, monasteries, centuries-old churches and traces of the civil and religious history of the local people.  And don’t forget the food and typical produce you can find in the many local shops and restaurants.

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Bucolic Villas Campea

Villa Gera Minucci, Bellati  is a rural manor house. It is not a simple manor house, but a complex set of adjacencies, rustic and also essential to the viability of the local community.

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    The same country eventually develop into the villa's function, which became the center of all economic and social activities. The architecture is a mixture of the stately Venetian style and mountain art, as if to symbolize the opening of Gera towards the Serenissima.

Cellars and Vineyards

During that navigate between vineyards and fields, rural homes and farms meet at every step, numerous cellars where the grapes are vinified.

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    Expert hands produce excellent wine that you can taste and buy, along with tastings of typical products of the Prosecco valley.


Fos de Marai Tavern: one of the best of many typical restaurants along the way, an expression of the cellars of Prosecco in which to stop and refresh themselves,

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    appreciating the typical products with a fantastic view over the valley of Prosecco and Cartizze.

Osteria Senz'oste

The inn with no innkeeper; and it is one of the most legendary and unique tavern in the whole valley. No innkeeper there in and there will need to serve by yourself...

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    even in time to pay the bill. Seeing is believing. Placed in one of the best locations enjoys a breathtaking view. An old little awesome farmhouse, complete with small kitchen and  barn cows , also has a number of outdoor benches and a small garden un the top of the little hill.

Abbazia di Follina

Founded in the twelfth century was for many centuries the spiritual island and peace between the historical events that have bloodied the Venetian medieval lordships.

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    The basilica was built in the mid-1300s. Distinguished personalities attended these medieval walls seeking refreshment or rest between the human and the divine. As the Countess Sofia De Camino, buried here, the lively protagonist of disputes for the brand feud Treviso and for the possession of the important Zumelle castle. This is a land that has always been the crossing and passing. of wool processing center, since Roman times there passed the Claudia Augusta Altinate military road, in this stretch dominated by the Castle of Cison Valmarino.


Castelbrando is located on the slopes of Mount Castello, dominating the villages of Valmareno and Ciso. Castelbrando is rooted in 2,000 years of history and represents a stratified open page on the past of the territory and the deeds of people,

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    leaders and famous people who have shown heroic deeds. Inhabited since prehistoric times, the first castrum was built starting from the Roman age as a control structure and defense of the Imperial Via Claudia Augusta, which connected the Adriatic Sea to northern Europe. Now it has become a top Luxury Hotel for congress and top quality vacation.


Former political and administrative center of the county Valmareno, Cison is guarded by Brandolini castle, now a luxury hotel - Castelbrando. But it is the historical center to attract the visitor, immediately struck by the harmonic Rome square,

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    overlooked by the palace Barbi, the Venetian villa now the City Hall, and the Loggia, built in the mid-seventeenth century to house the court, and today theater . The Brandolini cellars are an example of proper recovery of historic building.