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Ride along the fascinating uphill road built in just 100 days in 1918 to supply the Italian war front.  Its tight bends and tunnels take you to the San Boldo Pass. You can then reach the small canyon of Brent de l’Art, an authentic geological gem. From here you can go up to Mount Visentin (from the point where you park the Vespa it’s a one hour walk on a ridge with fantastic views) and then down to Santa Croce Lake. Wonderful landscapes and a great dining break at Pranolz!

Day Ride

The First World War

A military road, Brent de l’Art Canyon and…

San Boldo

The road of the Passo San Boldo was entirely built between the end of January 1918 and the middle of June of that year. The command of the Austro-Hungarian armed VI ordered the construction of the road in January 1918.

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    In March 1918, however, an order of the VI Army stared terms of achievement in three months maximum. The work was linked to the offensive plans scheduled for mid-June 1918 (Battle of the Solstice - operation Albrecht on the Piave front and Operation Radetzky for the Grappa and the highlands). The goal was achieved with big economic efforts, personnel and equipment, as well as organizational.

km 90


Brent de l'Art

Unique excursion! Capable of reserving much amazement at the beauty of the places, with scenarios that seem projected by distant worlds: characteristic canyons carved into the rock by the stream Ardo in Valbelluna.

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    The Brent de l'Art is one of the sites of greatest geological interest of the left Piave Belluno. Are located near St. Anthony Tortal and are accessible by a quiet and pleasant walk from the village, along a protected path that only in the last tracts becomes a bit 'steep and slippery.


Typical inn where to stop to taste the typical dishes of Valbelluna enjoying a beautiful landscape, a real family atmosphere.


You can reach the top of Mount Visentin 1770 above sea level, along a beautiful high-altitude ridge in total safety. The Vespa has to be  parked at the end of the paved road, then a 2-hour hike (round trip) offer, breathtaking scenery.


Baia delle Sirene

Along Santa Croce Lake found awesome unique Bays; the Sirena Bay, Bay Watch for surfers, Camping Sarathei for Kite Surfer. The color of the water changes constantly from green to turquiose.