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Skirting the Santa Croce lake you go through Spert and Tambre, passing by the famous house in the shape of a book, then on to the Cansiglio Forest. Over the centuries the Forest has always been in the news with its millions of trees and thousands of deer. It was a colony of the Venetian Republic, who used it to provide timber for the construction of its fleet, and was inhabited by the Longobard Cimbra population, the ancestors of whom still reside there. The itinerary ends with the unique Caglieron caves. Many inns and restaurants.

Day Ride

Cansiglio Forest

A source of wood for the Venetian Empire.

Baia delle Sirene

Along Santa Croce Lake found wonderful Bays; the Sirena Bay, Bay Watch for surfers, Camping Sarathei for Kite Surfer. The color of the water changes constantly.

Casa del Libro

It sounds like a fairy tale, and instead is reality: a beautiful building in the shape of the book, made entirely of wood and full of  extraordinary details. The outer walls of the house are composed of hundreds sculpted books,

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    the roof is a huge open book while instead of the fireplace there is a great fountain pen, the outer fence is themed, it consists of a long row of pencils with colored tip and with a large pair of glasses as gate. Inner of the house is incredibly scenic: the stove and the fireplace carved in the wood, the table and chairs in the shape of books, crockery and cutlery, the desk, the chair...


The center is located 6 km south-east direction from Tambre the principal village, at an altitude of 923 m above sea level. Because the town is closer to the Cansiglio forest, Spert is colled the "the door to Cansiglio Forest".


The Republic of Venice, throughout its existence until 1797, exploit the resources of the rich forest: the lagoon city is in fact a forest of poles planted in the muddy bottom of the sea that are nothing if not the stately firs cansiglio and so the mighty fleet and long oars were taken from this forest.

Bar Bianco & Osteria Le Rotte

Places not to be missed, along with many other typical places listed below, for a taste of typical dairy products produced from cows that live on the plateau Cansiglio.


Vallorch Village

The first Cimbro settlement in the forest was at the early 1700s favored by the Venetian Republic, this population has an Alemanna origin, was originally employed by the first for the construction of part of the mighty fleet of the Venetian Republic

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    and then became manufacturers of wooden furniture. The population still resides in part in this stagnated site over time.

Grotte Caglieron

A series of cavities, of which part of the artificial and natural origin; for the part of the natural, it is a deep gorge carved by the Caglieron stream of layers of sandstone and marl of the Middle Miocene (16 to 10 million years ago).

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    In the deepest part of the gorge, they notice the large limestone concretions walls that close to a sudden and partly the time, giving the whole the appearance of a cave. On the gorge walls open the large artificial cavities, resulting from the extraction sandstone, the typical "piera Dolza" (soft stone). The mining, which dates from 1500 and possibly earlier, provided the material for the construction of jambs, lintels, etc.